The May 2023 Xenia Series featuring Dr. Marc Morell

 "On the hegemony of development in Malta"

will take place online 24 May 2023, 1700hrs to 1830hrs 

Please register for this free event here.

Seminars in the Anthropology of Travel, Tourism and Pilgrimage

"What are the conditions in which we will be able, once again, to conceive of a world in which Xenia, hospitality, can be recovered as a guiding principle of global, regional, and local social organisation? "
                                                                                                                    -Tom Selwyn January 2021

We are delighted to announce the 2023 cycle of the Xenia Series seminars. Started in 2020, as a response to the first spate of global covid lockdowns, this seminar programme embraced the more equitable access provided by online meetings. Branching out of the central trope of hospitality (Greek: Xenia), we have hosted monthly conversations on home, belonging, hostility, travel, tourism and migration with painters, novelists, musicians, museum and heritage professionals, and anthropologists.